Dependence on Foreign Oil

“Oooh! That will help me pull the boat I don’t have up the mountain I don’t live near.” Quote from John Stewart on the Daily Show. He was showing pictures of SUVs, including the Hummer.

He pointed out that the last EIGHT presidents have all said they will make it a priority to end dependence on foreign oil. Nixon said he would set in motion a plan to end it by 1980. Ha ha ha. “When the Cuyahoga River was on fire in 1969, [Nixon] put it out with his own urine.”

Nixon’s target has been pushed back to 2025, and we’re likely not to meet it.

Here’s the take on dependence on foreign oil:

– Impose a national tax of $50 on every barrel of imported oil. That will make it more affordable to drill for oil in domestic fields, and it will help reduce the deficit.
– Give massive tax incentives for vehicles that run on natural gas or electricity.
– Give massive tax incentives for power plants that run on natural gas, clean coal, solar, or other renewable sources.
– Giving tax incentives for efficiency improvements in houses and businesses.

That will solve the problem.