Funny Story about a Rabbit

I just heard a funny story on an old episode of Boston Legal…


When I was little, my trusty labrador, Dusty, came walking in the house wagging his tail.  In his mouth was a dead rabbit — the neighbor’s pet rabbit.  I thought to myself… Oh no!  That’s going to be the end for Dusty!  When the neighbors find out he killed their rabbit, Animal Control will come and put Dusty to sleep.  I was mortified.  I didn’t know what to do.

Then, it came to me.  I took the rabbit’s carcass from Dusty, cleaned it up.  Got my blow dryer and dried it off.  It was white and fluffy again.  I snuck into the neighbors’ back yard and put the rabbit back in his cage.  I thought to myself… they will just think the rabbit died of natural causes.



The next day, my parents came in my room.  Visibly upset.  They told me that I needed to be careful going outside, because there was a crazy person wandering around the neighborhood.


Apparently, the neighbor’s rabbit had died, and they buried it in the woods behind our house.  Some crazy person went and dug up the rabbit, cleaned it up, and then had the audacity to put it back in its cage.

Moral of the story is don’t assume someone is guilty of murder, just because they are carrying around the dead body.