Stock Picks of the Day

Any moron can pick stocks when the market is rallying. Here are some that I’ve held over the past month, as the market went down, and that I think have much more room on the upside as the market recovers:


Start with Seaspan:

This is 7 days old…

I bought a little of this stock when it had a big dividend. Then, they slashed the dividend to 6.6%, and the stock price tanked. Then, it kept going down. I’ve been buying it all the way down. It’s as close to a cant-lose situation as you will find. Their business will double over 5 years because they have lots of new ships they’ve ordered that are coming online, most of which are under contract. The stock was up 2% today, and is up another 4 1/2 % in after hours.

Also, check out HUN. Pays a nice dividend and the company recently received $1 billion in cash from lawsuit settlements, plus another half billion in favorable financing. It’s a chemical company, which should benefit from an economic recovery.

My other bullish picks are BAC, C, MGM, GE, RIMM and AAPL. All of those are poised to benefit from the economic recovery.

Just my humble opinion.