Superbowl XL

Okay, that was pretty boring.  Have you ever noticed that the Superbowl is usually a really boring game.  Either it is a blowout or nothing happens.  Thank goodness there are ways to improve the entertainment value.  The best thing is to find a good party with good people who can liven things up when the game gets boring.  Also, betting on various aspects of the game can make it more fun — lots of people lost money this year because Jerome Bettis failed to rush for more than 2 1/2 yards on his first carry of the game.  Those numbers squares liven things up as well. 

The Galago was also disappointed in the commercials overall, and was really sad that Budweiser dominated the good ones.  The young clydesdale commercial and the “A Little Monster” Hummer ad almost made the show worthwhile, however.


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