Texas Longhorns National Champions

On the day of the second greatest sports event of 2006 (Superbowl 40), It’s appropriate to mention the greatest football game of all time — the 2006 Rose Bowl Game.  Vince Young led the Texas Longhorns to a National Championship by beating the undefeated USC Trojans.  Vince Young’s performance has been called by many commentators the best performance by a single athlete in any football game ever.  Hard to argue with that.  He took his entire team (and about 45,000 screaming Texas fans) on his shoulders and led us all to victory.  The Galago was, of course, enthralled with Vince’s performance, but he wants to point out how big the Texas Defense played.  Intercepting Leinart in the endzone to stop a drive.  Stopping USC on two fourth-and plays. Sacking the unsackable Leinart 3 times.  Making a game-winning stop late in the fourth quarter on fourth down and two to set up the winning Young touchdown.  People talk about Vince’s confidence, but the Galago would be confident too if he had a defense that strong.

 Hats off to Vince Young, Mack Brown, and the Texas Defense for a wonderful season and for bringing the National Championship back to Texas!

Vince Young scores the winning Rose Bowl touchdown

Rose Bowl Texas Longhorns Celebration

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