The American Car Business

GM, Chrysler, Ford.

They all suck, right?  Unless you want a pickup truck or a giant SUV.

Why bail them out?

I read an article the other day talking about how there was much applause for the government’s bailout of Chrysler a couple decades ago.  What they didn’t know then is that if they hadn’t bailed out Chrysler then, Ford and GM would be much stronger today and wouldn’t need bailouts.

I saw someone on Twitter today complaining that GM spent $1 Billion of its bailout money shoring up a factory in Brazil.  Ha!  Ever been to Brazil??  Brazilians actually BUY GM CARS!  That’s exactly where they should be investing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in favor of “investing” in the US car manufacturers.  I watched Roger & Me.  However, I am worried that Japan and Korea and Europe are going to get pissed because helping our auto industry is seen as protectionist.

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