Top 10 Greatest TV Moments of all time

Here is our list of some of the greatest moments in TV history. We left out Reagan getting shot, the space shuttle explosions, 9/11, and others that had a negative connotation. The list is heavily weighted in favor of comedy, but that’s our nature. We had a hard time choosing episodes of I Love Lucy, Honeymooners, Dick Van Dyke, and other classics, so we left them off. We put links to most of the clips, but not all. If you know of links to the missing videos, please let us know. Also, we’d love to see additional submissions, because we will be adding to this list over time. Post comments with suggestions. Here’s the list:

13. “What does a yellow light mean?” -Jim, on Taxi

12. The Turkey Promotion, on WKRP In Cincinnati


11. “You’re Batman” -George, on Seinfeld


10. Vince Young Scores the National Championship-winning touchdown



9. “The show that leads in to mine is puppets making crank calls.” John Stewart confronts Crossfire.
Crossfire is ultimately canceled.


8. JR gets shot on Dallas

7. Monkeys try to bite Letterman when he says, “Maybe you’ll get some, and maybe you won’t.”


6. Sammy Davis, Jr., kissing Archie Bunker


5. Carson steals Letterman’s Truck


4. Man walking on the moon

3. “Jane, you ignorant slut!” -Dan Akroyd, Saturday Night Live

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2. Cliff Claven on Jeopardy, from Cheers


1. “Where’s the weirdest place you ever wanted to make Whoopee?” – The Newlywed Game


BONUS: The Letterman catch phrase for 1983-1984 was “They pelted us with rocks and garbage!”

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