Torino Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics have begun in Torino, Italy.  If you’ve ever been to Torino, you know that it is not the kind of city you would expect to be hosting an Olympic Games.  It’s pretty much a cesspool.  Torino reminds us of an East European industrial city during the Cold War.  Everyone seems to wear gray.  Everyone walks around looking down at the ground.  The buildings have lots of iron in their construction, all of which has rusted.  Those that don’t have the rust look, are gray and dirty.  The interesting thing about Torino is that the city has lots of promise.  If you cleaned it up and made some minor improvements to the parks and buildings, it could be a great place.  We’ll see whether the money that comes in from the Olympics helps them turn the town around.

The Galago’s favorite sports in the Winter Olympics are ski jumping, bobsledding, the luge, and the giant slalom ski race.  Let us know your favorite Winter Olympics sports by posting a comment below.

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