Tort Reform is Bad. Period.

This is No. 10 on the Galago’s list of ten things the American people need to know. 

Tort Reform is Bad. It’s bad for you, it’s bad for our country. Don’t listen to politicians who tell you otherwise. Insurance companies, construction contractors, and other large businesses pay millions of dollars every year in campaign contributions to convince politicians to change the rules so that they won’t be liable when they hurt people like you.  There is no problem with “lawsuit abuse” in this country. It’s a myth. The courts are specifically set up to prevent frivolous claims from getting through the system and to prevent unreasonable jury awards from surviving judicial scrutiny. The insurance companies and big businesses pull out single incidents and hold them up as evidence of a problem. What they don’t tell you is that usually in the case of a large jury award the defendant knowingly committed fraud or engaged in some reckless act that justified the award. They won’t tell you that. What tort reform does is it makes it harder for legitimate people who have been severely injured to be compensated for their actual damages. The Galago challenges you to ask a lawyer you know to give you an example of a frivolous case where a plaintiff recovered damages and it held up on appeal.  Your attorney will not be able to give you an example.

The Galago is a Republican at heart, but it is very much opposed to tort reform because its not a good policy to make it harder for people who have been legitimately injured to obtain compensation. The Galago encourages you to inform your congressmen, senators, and local politicians that you think Tort Reform is bad policy for America.

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