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Go to Bali. Don't think twice. Just go. Better than Fiji. Better than Tahiti. Definitely better than Hawaii. Just go.

Stay at least one night at an Aman Resort. Amankila was our favorite (pictured below). Amandari and Amanwana are also outstanding. We promise, you won't find a better hotel anywhere in the world.

Here's a picture of the Amankila hotel from the water. It's built on the side of a hill overlooking the water. It has its own private beach that offers one of the most relaxing atmospheres we've ever experienced. They'll even set up a romantic and secluded dinner for two on the beach with your own private chef and waiter, and no one else around.

Bali Photo

This is the view from one of the hills overlooking the lowlands and on to the Indian Ocean.

Bali Rice Field

This view shows some of Bali's rice fields and gives you a good idea of the scenery and the terrain.

Bali Landscape

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