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Las Vegas - Nevada

"What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!" There is no question about it, if you are up for a little Sin -- head to Las Vegas. Located in Nevada, and with a population of just over half a million, Vegas is a city like no other. Whether you are looking for the best meal of your life, a weekend romance with no strings attached, a resort getaway with some of the most extravagent spas in the world, or a night of high stakes gambling where you risk it all, you will not be disappointed.

If you have never been to Vegas, you will be surprised by the level of service and luxury this tiny city can offer even the humblest of budgets. Before my first visit, I have to admit that my impression of Las Vegas was not all that high. I imagined a circus city of cheap polyester suited Elvis's and hairy older men wearing too much gold jewelry (think Larry from Three's Company). But in all actuality, Vegas is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Where else can you tour the Eiffel Tower, stroll the streets of Manhattan, take a Gondola ride through the canals of Venice, and ride a roller coaster 1000 feet in the air all before dinner?

But, I must admit, that what impressed me most about Vegas, was the people. Now, I am not talking about the tourists (although they are "okay" too), I am really talking about the Las Vegas Natives. The thing about people who live and work in Las Vegas is that nothing shocks them. You can completely be yourself, say anything, and do anything (and as long as you tip them well) they will love you for it ;) Don't be surprised if everyone from the doorman to the restaurant maitre'd knows your name. The level of service excellence is unparalleled.

Following is a list of our favorite things to see and do in Las Vegas.

Our Top Picks for Entertainment:

Our Top Hotel & Casino Picks:

Our Top Restaurant Picks:

Our Pick of Must See Attractions:

  • The Stratosphere
  • The Forum Shops (at Caesar's Palace)

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